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Can Lid Coaster Set

Can Lid Coaster Set
A fun green project
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Who would have ever though tin can lids would make such beautiful coasters! It’s all in the alcohol-inking technique. Use lids with white on one side from canned tomato products—the white accepts the inks beautifully. Make a matching candle wrap and gift tag!

Finished sizes: 4" diam. Coaster
          1 3/4" Candle Wrap
  2" square Gift Tag

Skill:    1    Time:     1    Cost:     1-2

•  See photos for details and placement.

You will need:

•  One 4" tin can lid with one white side
•  Alcohol inks*: oregano, cranberry
•  Blending solution*
•  Applicator tool or wooden cube with small piece of hook & loop
•  Felt
•  Glossy white cardstock
•  White adhesive-backed craft foam
•  Four silver heart brads
•  Push pin/piercing tool
•  Foam pad
•  Scoring tool
•  Double-sided tape
Newspaper, pencil, ruler, scissors

*The following Ranger products were used in this project:  Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks (colors Oregano & Cranberry), Alcohol Blending Solution. 

Note: For product information, see end of article.

•  Follow manufacturer’s directions when using alcohol inks.
•  Use inks in a well-ventilated area.

STEP 1:  Prepare lids.  Save lids ahead of time. Use a can opener that does not leave sharp edges and removes the entire lid. Wash and dry thoroughly.

STEP 2:  Apply alcohol inks to lid. 
Protect work surface with newspaper. Use a purchased wood applicator and felt or use a wooden cube and attach a piece of hook and loop to it. Apply 2-3 drops of cranberry ink and 2 drops of oregano ink, followed by 2-3 drops of blending solution. Use a pouncing motion to apply to white side of tin can lid. Alcohol inks will dry quickly. Set aside.

STEP 3:  Line bottom of coaster. 
Trace lid onto backside of adhesive craft foam. Mark 1/8" in from traced line at several spots and cut around circle. Remove liner and adhere foam to back of coaster.

STEP 4:  Apply color to brads.  Attach brads to a scrap piece of cardstock. Apply color to brads following instructions in Step 2 or apply alcohol ink directly from bottle to brad and dab excess with applicator tool. Remove from newspaper when dry.

STEP 5:  Make & apply color to candle band.  Cut a 1 3/4" x 10" piece of glossy white cardstock. Apply alcohol inks in same way as 2. Mark center back with pencil. Make a mark 5/8" on each side of center. Pierce or punch hole at marks. Insert brads and fold back prongs. Angle brads on each side.

STEP 6:  Attach candle band.  Apply strong double-sided tape to short edges of candle band, one on right side and one on wrong side. Wrap around candle and secure. Place candle onto coaster.

STEP 7:  Make gift tag.  Cut a 1 7/8" square of glossy white cardstock. Apply color in same way as Step 2. Pierce or punch hole in right lower corner and insert previously colored brad. Cut a 2" x 4" piece of white glossy cardstock. Score at 2" with scoring tool and fold in half. Adhere colored square to front of white folded gift tag. Note: Gift tag may be side-fold or top-fold.


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(732) 389-3535

Coaster Set Coaster (detail)
comment By pholman @ Monday, January 03, 2011 7:32 PM
This looks like a fun and beautiful project and I an very excited to try it. I hope that mine will turn out as beautiful as yours. Thanks formthe inspiration. Patty

comment By vic321 @ Thursday, January 20, 2011 3:09 AM
GREAT idea, can't wait to try it!

comment By cassquilts @ Saturday, January 22, 2011 3:41 PM
What a great way to recycle can lids! Very pretty too. I am thinking that I will add some 1/2 inch glass beads to the bottom as feet to raise the lid up a bit and display a candle using the coaster as a candle mat.

comment By bshaul @ Sunday, April 24, 2011 1:43 PM
Just copied instructions so I can make for gifts.

comment By Anna Louise @ Friday, January 20, 2012 10:14 AM
I can't wait to try this looks like a great idea for going green. I'll share this with some of our club members at Family, Communication and Education club from UT extension of Tn.

comment By LLMobley @ Friday, March 23, 2012 8:57 PM
This is a great think to do with otherwise unuasable lids. It turns something unusable into some thing invaluable. Thank you for the Idea.

comment By jessica smith @ Monday, December 17, 2012 4:55 PM
anna louise want you make on and put on the show people see on at facebook . llmobley you are good job on make on at .

merry chirtsmas and happy eve day and happy years !

can you me one at ?

comment By wendy gingerich @ Tuesday, February 26, 2013 12:13 PM
I think thats a cool idea. Love the recyle idea must try.

comment By gizzyoda @ Thursday, April 18, 2013 9:32 AM
Love the coaster and matching candle. As far as I am concerned there is nothing better than Ranger Alcohol Inks. I use them on just about anything that doesn't move. Even my dog runs and hides when I get them out, because he is afraid I put them on him! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

comment By rpitsenbarger @ Friday, May 16, 2014 10:28 PM
Love this project. Been using my salad spinner to get a somewhat tie dye look. Using clear acrylic to seal. Cut out felt and glued on bottoms. Makes wonderful gifts for friends and family.

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