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help center | frequently asked questions

1. I got a letter in the mail, telling me about a change in the Club. Why is this happening?
2. Who is Creative Crafts Group?
3. What is Creating Keepsake magazine like?

1. What is on the Creative Home Arts Club website?

1. I have returned an item, why did I receive an invoice?
2. I have sent in payment, why am I still receiving an invoice?
3. Can I view my invoices online?

1. What is Auto-Charge?
2. How do I enroll in Auto-Charge?
3. Will I receive notification before my credit card is charged?

1. Where do I find Web Extras for past issues?

1. How do I update my Private Profile?
2. How do I update my Public Profile?

1. When will my membership expire?

1. How do I participate in the Product Testing Program?
2. Where can I find the Product Test Profile Form?
3. How do I know if I am enrolled in Product Testing?

1. Why did I receive a product in the mail? I don't remember ordering it.

1. How can I track my rebate status?

1. How do I return an item?

1. How do I create my user name and password?
2. I can't log in using my user name and password.
3. I forgot my user name and password.

1. How do I log in to the website?
2. How do I sign up for the club e-newsletter?
3. What is My Account?

1. Where do I find my member number?
2. Where do I find my billing/reference number?
3. Where do I find my invoice number?

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